Restaurant overview

Restaurants can be complex. You have multiple tables to manage with multiple staff over multiple time zones. It’s OK, we get you.

With a graphical table layout using visual colour cues to let you know at a glance how a table is travelling during service, you can be sure Idealpos will help you manage your restaurant better.

With an internal reservations module available, or integrating to a third-party online reservations systems, you can ensure your tables will be full more than they are empty.

With the ability to add multiple kitchen printers, use a mobile app to take orders at the table, or use a mobile tablet, you can service your customers more efficiently than before.

  • Graphical Table Layout with Table Status Indicators
  • Multiple Kitchen Printer Combos or Kitchen Monitor Screens
  • Internal or Third-party Reservations
  • Advanced Bill Splitting by Seat, Fraction, Amount and Quantity
  • Handheld Ordering Using Waiterpad

Restaurant Module & Table Layout

Idealpos provides a graphical table layout that can be customised for your venue. If you have more than one area, such as inside and outside, and would like separate maps for those areas, we cater to that and more.

Our table map is able to be used with our internal reservations module, or linked to a third-party such as RezBook and ResDiary. The table map is now also available from within the Handheld Ordering app on iPads.