Fruit & Vegetable Shops overview

Fruit and vegetable stores require a unique setup that usually involves additional hardware not common on other POS installations. Hardware such as scales, label printers, integrated EFTPOS and more are all very common in these stores.

Scales play an important role as the majority of fresh produce is purchased by weight. Idealpos integrates with 9 scale models which can all be configured specifically for your business.

Label printing is also a large part of these installations and Idealpos also has an integration to a label printing scale to make this process much more efficient.

  • Scales Integration
  • Barcode Scanning & Label Printing
  • Integrated EFTPOS
  • Product Images on Buttons
  • Promotions

Scale Integration

Idealpos integrates to 11 different scales that allow direct weight measurement into the POS screen sales window. This means you can simply put the items on a scale, press the selected stock item button and it will be weighed instantly and display the price.

One set of scales is, the Ishida labeler. This scale does not weight items directly into POS, but creates programmable barcodes for the items you weight that can be scanned into POS at the time of sale.

Scales are very useful in this type of business scenario and highly recommended. It is important that when using scales they have been checked and authorised by an offical weights and measures company and all equipment using them is stamped