Dry Cleaning Services Overview

Dry cleaning is a service style of business instead of a more traditional sales style. Garments are brought into the premises where they are repaired and/or cleaned. Customers then return to collect their garments after a set amount of time.

Keeping track of what garments belong to which customer is very important. Idealpos’ strong customer accounts function helps ease the pain as each sale is linked to the customer.

Additional features that are unique to the dry cleaning business is the printing of garment tags for each item to ensure all garments are able to be tracked throughout the process to be returned to the customer together.

  • Customer Accounts
  • Promotions
  • Stock Garment Tags
  • Date/Time Configuration for Pickups
  • Barcode Scanning & Label Printing

Customer Accounts

Customer accounts are very important to dry cleaning businesses as they rely on linking the customers to the garments. Of course this can be done with a simple ticket number, but if you can have the customer’s name instead, and track their spending, then you can target your services better to those who need it.

Customer accounts also allow you to get in touch easily with your customer if an issue arises with a repair or the cleaning required. At other times you might have to send a reminder to a customer to collect their items.

The most important thing customer accounts can do for your business is keep a record of all transactions with that customer, allowing you to view service history and offer discounts to your most loyal. It’s easier to keep a customer then get a new one!