Bottle Shops overview

Bottle shops are similar to many other retail businesses, however they usually run a lot of different promotions on similar products, with some being controlled through distributer databases.

One of the advantages of bottle shops is that everything is usually sent from the supplier with its own barcode. This makes it very easy to sell and to stocktake. You can also create shelf labels to display the barcode to help when you perform a stocktake.

Coupons and gift vouchers are also a great way to expand your sales through bottle shops. If you can offer a way for your customers to be enticed back to your store, you will generally be able to convert them to be a regular.

  • Barcode Scanning & Label Printing
  • Promotions
  • Stock Manage App
  • Coupons and Gift Vouchers
  • Customer Display

Beverage Promotions

Promotions within the store are a great way to increase additional purchases through multi-buys. You can easily setup promotions within Idealpos on as many items as you wish throughout the store. Idealpos also has interfaces to Liquorfile and IBA which can automatically import promotions based on group advertising for different brand specials.

Why not include coupons on your receipt for the next time your customers visit or to entice them to visit your store again? This is easy to do in Idealpos and you have the ability to add images and barcodes to your receipt for simple redemption.

You also have the option of printing out product signs complete with an image and the promotion to highlight the product in-store.